Vacant properties have the greatest disadvantage when compared to similar furnished (and staged) homes for sale in the area. Not only does a seller appear to be more desperate, thus resulting in lowball offers, but the online photos are bland and sometimes confusing (e.g., “What room is this—a bedroom or a dining room?”)
The good thing is, we aren’t trying to sell the property to you. We know the target demographic for your neighborhood, and we select furnishings, artwork, and accessories to appeal to them. Our goal: Improve your market position and have a win on walk-in!
We will recommend which rooms will make the most impact on buyers, and those are usually the living areas, kitchen and dining areas and master suite. Are you willing to invest an extra $100-$500 to get your property sold quickly and with less likelihood of a price reduction?
Vacant properties vary. Smaller homes take less than a day to stage (and usually a half day to de-stage), whereas a 10,000-square foot property could take days. We can give you a pretty accurate estimate of how much time it will take, depending upon the package you select.
Price is ultimately determined by you and your Realtor and based on market conditions and other factors. However, there is also the perceived value factor which, for a buyer who loves your house, can be totally subjective. Home staging goes a long way toward’s helping increase a home’s perceived value.

Research shows that staged homes sell for more money than homes that have not been staged. Consider this scenario. Your home is for sale for $400,000 and it has been sitting on the market for a while. In an effort to sell it you reduce the price by 5% ($20,000). If you spent just 1% ($4,000) on staging to make your home more appealing and didn’t drop the price, you are $16,000 ahead of where you would have been had you dropped the price. Not staging your home is like leaving money on the table.

We own all our own accessories, lamps, silk plants, throw pillows, bedding, artwork and rugs. We also own accent furniture such as chairs, tables, desks and we source out the bigger pieces of furniture. This allows us to choose from the greatest selection of furniture styles and price points, to best enhance the particular style of your home.
We feel the most important rooms to stage are the Entry, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room (if the home has one), Master Bedroom & Master Bath. These are the key rooms that home buyers focus on and have the most expectations of.
The actual staging day typically only takes one day, regardless of the size of your home. Once your contract is signed and we receive a deposit, we require as little as 3 business days to prepare before we can stage your home, depending upon our availability.
Staging is much less expensive than your first price reduction! With staging, you want to invest the least amount of money that will still allow you to create that “WOW” factor. It may be as little as $275 for the Pre Listing Consultation, roughly $500-$1000 to rework using what you already have, anywhere from a couple to a few thousand dollars if you need to rent furniture to better prepare your home for sale. Once you learn the benefits of staging, you’ll see how this is a solid investment to help you sell your home faster and for top dollar.
A 50% deposit is required to hold your stage day. In most cases the remaining balance is due the day before the staging day.