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January Featured Property: Vacant Staging Westfield

This past year we have staged more homes for investors/flippers than all our 7 years combined! Yes, you heard that right! Not really sure why, but one thing is for sure, once the property is done, they want a quick turnaround and using Staging as a marketing tool gets them results! Our investors know it's [...]

Keeping Busy…

My apologies dear readers.. I haven't had much time for blog posts the past couple of weeks. Between college stuff for my high school senior and work, I'm pooped! We just booked our Summer vacation but that's not until the very end of July and I'm going to need a couple of days off before [...]

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Affordable Bamboo Shades

Is it really the second week of March already? Crazy! This past week was a really busy one and my poor blog suffered because of it!  Of course, on one of my busiest weeks, I have problems with my new website and blog!  But thanks to Jes at 8550Graphics I'm back up and running.. What [...]