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January Featured Property: Vacant Staging Westfield

This past year we have staged more homes for investors/flippers than all our 7 years combined! Yes, you heard that right! Not really sure why, but one thing is for sure, once the property is done, they want a quick turnaround and using Staging as a marketing tool gets them results! Our investors know it's [...]

This Week’s Staged Properties

This week in Northern NJ the weather seemed to take a turn for the best and we actually got above freezing! It's been snowing and in the teens for weeks before that but even so, the Real Estate Spring market is in full swing and keeping us super busy! That means no time for blogging [...]

NJ Modern Townhouse Staging

I've been a bit absent on the blog because we've been so crazy busy with Stagings & Redesigns and can't seem to find the time to write a post! We've staged a gorgeous home in Essex Fells and a great Condo overlooking the Hudson River last week as well, but this one I dad to [...]

Update Your Space Using 4 New Things

As some of you already know, I was awarded the Top 10 Best Redesigns in North America by RESA and that has me pretty excited!   The awards are given out in Las Vegas at our convention later this month and I had no plans whatsoever to attend this year but I changed my mind [...]

The Ave Project Reveal…

Hello dear readers!  How was your weekend? We spent Sunday at the beach with my extended family and it was SO nice!  Our kids start school right after Labor Day so we're still in Summer mode here in New Jersey. I'm not ready to give it up either! Hoping to maybe go one more time [...]

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