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Decorating With Nesting Tables

In case you haven't noticed, the nesting table trend have been around for awhile and it's still going strong… And I can see why! Source Kevin Sharkey I love the versatility of nesting tables.. The fact that they can be compacted together in a matching set tucked away, and then separated [...]

Client’s Living Room Design Board

This week I got to work on a local client's new living room design and I thought I'd share how my original board evolved. When I work with a design client we start first with a detailed questionnaire, then a color profile test, and lastly looking through their magazine tear outs or Pinterest boards. This [...]

Another Client Project Wrapped Up

Good morning everyone ~ I hope you all had a productive and fun weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends and family eating way too much:)  I even managed to purchase 1 Christmas gift!  Hope to start the rest of it sometime this week... Today I'm sharing a recent client living and dining [...]

Client Living Room Photos

Good morning everyone and Happy Black Friday!  I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving with your friends and family and enjoyed eating yourselves into a stupor! We had a really nice time visiting with both sides and we ate way too much... But that's what Thanksgiving is all about right? Today I'm helping a fellow Stager [...]