Another Client Project Wrapped Up

Good morning everyone ~ I hope you all had a productive and fun weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends and family eating way too much:)  I even managed to purchase 1 Christmas gift!  Hope to start the rest of it sometime this week... Today I'm sharing a recent client living and dining [...]

Fireplace Series: 10 Fabulous Mantle Ideas

Welcome to the 2nd post in our fireplace series... You're probably thinking it's 95 degrees out and she's talking about fireplaces.Why not? ... I figured you weren't using it right now and what better time to tackle this than Summer? If you still have the same things up there from January when you took the [...]

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Fireplace Series: Updating Your Fireplace

Hello ~A fireplace is the focal point of the room, yet so many people don't know how to highlight it. So, I decided to start a series of posts just focusing on the fireplace. Today, we will talk about what you can do to the surface if you are not happy with the way it [...]

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