As a NJ Home Stager & Decorator this time of year the Real Estate market revs up a bit and we are again busy with Stagings. But the majority of calls are from clients wanting to redecorate their home for the holidays. We call these clients, the organized, on top of everything clients. They know it can take at least 3 months to design, shop and install the new room.

But most of our clients call us, because they don’t want to start from scratch but instead are looking for a quick update using mostly what they already own and purchasing a few things. This is called Redesign and as Redesigners, or “Decorators For Real People” we can come up with a new look for your space affordably.

Donna Watermarked living room

Because of this, we have now switched to Tiered Services. You can just book our 2 Hour Interior Styling Consultation and do the work yourself, or add on the Mood Board, Shopping Services and of course the fun part, Installation Day! This way you can stay within your budget but still get the room you’ve been dreaming about!

So, the countdown is on! Call or email us today to get started. Together we can create a home you’re proud  to show off to your friends and family this holiday season!