Hope you are all having a great Summer! I love the long, warm days and for me it’s going way too fast!

The posts have been few as of late with my hectic work schedule but today I’d like to talk lighting.

This week every house I went into to had bad lighting that should of been updated years ago! But the homeowners just never got around to it and now that they are selling, its finally getting updated!

As a NJ Home Stager I see this happen over and over again and the homeowners never even get to enjoy it!  Most of the time its cost keeping them from replacing it. For others they are just not sure where to even look for lighting other than Lowes or Home Depot.

Some of you might already know about  Shades Of Light , this is my first go to place for on trend,  good quality lighting for less than you usually spend at the big box stores! If you are not familiar, wait till you see all the choices available! And no this is not a sponsored post!

Below are 5 of my favorites and most for less than $150, so what are you waiting for?

This flush mount fixture is a great alternative to the hideous “Boob Light” so commonly used and you can’t beat the affordable price!

Metal Strap Globe Lantern - Large

Metal Strap Globe Lantern – Large

Which one of these is your favorite?  This one above is mine! And it’s $99!

I hope I motivated you to think about switching your light fixtures!  If money is an issue, do it one at a time! And if you need selecting the fixtures themselves, contact me, I’d love to help!