Dear readers, I’m sorry…It’s been too long…  For Home Stagers Spring is our tax season… You work non stop and everybody is in an hurry to get it done, now!

Another busy day today sourcing office furniture for a new project I’m working on and then catching up on the mountains of paperwork.. But I’m hoping to get a break on Saturday and I hear the weather will finally be in the 70″s!!

Here’s a peek into what I’ve been up to…


Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging


Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging

Chatham Staging

And I’m working with 3 great design clients right now.. Lots of rug and furniture shopping going on and its starting to come together…


And here it is on the floor…

rug in room

I am also having fun working with 2 sisters who live in the same multi family house.

Some iPhone photos…

One had to downsize to a much smaller Studio space but needed to keep her existing furniture. Its all very big and bulky and not what I would of chosen for this tiny space but we made it work.. This one room had to work as a living room, dining space and a bedroom with a big queen bed…

I suggested she switch out the brown (way to much brown) ottoman.  She already switched out the ottoman for a much lighter version and I hope to share photos of her space soon.


The sister’s bedroom is also about to get lightened up.. She is so excited to finally get this done!

The installation was postponed due to the wrong light fixture being delivered but it will be done early next week..


And that’s what’s been going on in my life.. I hope there is still someone out there reading and I promise to get back to blogging as soon as things slow down in the Real Estate world..

Have a great weekend!