Last week I attended the Real Estate Staging Association’s International convention in Las Vegas. I don’t attend every year and was actually on the fence about going but I’m so glad I decided to go!



This year it was especially exciting to be there since Bungalow Home Staging & Redesign has again been honored for 2014 by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) for our work.

Yes, we’re proud to say that this  year we earned a “Top 10 Best Redesigns in North America” award to add to the previous Rookie Stager of The Year in 2011.

Staging Industry Awards

It was a real honor to be up on stage with the best in our industry and I’m thankful for everyone’s support.

In addition to the awards, there were some great speakers this year such as Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, Steven Aaron from Selling LA  (He is a huge proponent of staging and says “The Stager Makes the Realtor Look Good”) and Terry Watson , a motivational speaker.

It was also my pleasure to meet Kristie Barnett (aka.. The Decorologist). I’ve been a long time fan of her blog and her presentation was one of my favorites.

Decorologist photo

 I also enjoyed Matthew Finalson’s (HGTV’s) The Stagers presentation on DEMOGRAPHICS and TARGETING.  Staging is no longer about creating a neutral slate that appeals to everyone, but instead, it’s about connecting the buyer emotionally to the property!  You simply must know who your buyer is and how to target their emotions.

Convention really inspires me to infuse new life into my business and although I’ve only been home a couple of days, I’m really motivated and already applying the business models and information gathered to better serve our clients.

Off to catch up on all that needs doing.. Till next time…