It’s been cold here in NJ and I mean really, really cold..  Makes it hard to be creative and do anything around the house. I did manage to pull out my sewing machine and make sleeves and Felt bags to transport my breakables when Staging.. other than that.. Nothing.

January hasn’t been all bad though. I enjoyed having my oldest daughter (who is a college freshman) home for over a month and it was great to have her even help out on a couple of Staging projects.   The market is really starting to pick up here and we expect to be busy in the next month or so.

Lots of school activities as well since we have a high school Senior again this year..This past week she she performed with 2 friends in front of hundreds of people at her Senior Fashion show. From someone who has a fear of public speaking, I can’t even imagine, but she did great! This kid loves to sing and has quite a set of pipes and I’m so proud of her!


If you want to listen to one of her songs on SoundCloud click here.. And let me know what you think!

And in a couple of days I’ll be headed to Las Vegas to RESA’s Home Staging Convention and the Las Vegas Market, where the temps are in the low 70’s!  Hallelujah!


Some of you already know I was one of ten to be awarded the Top 10 Best Re-designs in North America so there was no way I could not go, right?


I’m looking forward to meeting new people such as Kristie Barnett (The Decorologist) who is one of the speakers this year and hearing Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank speak.. as well as seeing some old friends and just enjoying the warm sunshine!

Stay warm and I’ll be back soon to share lots of pretty pictures from Las Vegas Market and who knows maybe I’ll even come home with the big trophy!












Is it actually the end of January already?