Hello ~

I can hardly believe the holidays are over and I survived them! Our work load leading up to Christmas and New Year’s was insane so let’s just say I was a bit stressed!

I enjoyed the holidays nevertheless but am so happy to almost be done with everything Christmas! The tree came down and most of the decorations and I’m ready to start fresh!

I typically don’t make resolutions but do like to makes some changes here and there and the first one is starting with this blog.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and a half and the past 3 months or so I’ve lost my motivation to post. It seemed like everything I was planning on writing about had already been talked about. I started this blog as an addition to my Staging/Design business where I could share trends and post photos of interiors that inspire me and projects we worked on and somehow I got away from that…

I felt like I was writing my posts for others bloggers rather than potential clients who needed advice on creating a beautiful home!  I just assume that readers already know how to update their kitchen on a budget & what trends to incorporate, but they don’t!  This was evident to me when I wrote a post on what colors to paint your walls if you have Oak cabinets!

Bad Color Combination

Bad Color Combination

In my mind, you paint those cabinets and then you can paint the walls whatever color you want (why be limited?)

Painted Oak Cabinets

Painted Oak Cabinets

But not everybody wants to paint their cabinets and some even like Oak!  Choosing the right paint color for your walls can make all the difference in the world and instantly update it!

Living In Lovely La La Land

Living In Lovely La La Land

I received a tons of emails asking for advice and more posts like this so this is what you will see more of and I hope you stick around and don’t get too bored!

Although some of my posts will be getting back to basics, I’ll pop in with a totally frivolous one here and there to keep things exciting!  My goal on here is to help homeowners find the inspiration they need to have a home they are proud to show off to their friends and family.

Care to share what you’d like to see more of? Trends, Before & Afters? Leave me a comment, I read each and every one of them!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weekend everyone!