Oh my goodness this month is flying by!!

Thanksgiving came and went in a flash and here we are with Christmas only 2 weeks away!

I love this pic of all my nephews and nieces together (and new kitty Penelope) on Thanksgiving day!  They are growing up so fast, it blows my mind!


Would you believe we cut our tree down on December 1st and we are just getting it up now?

It’s always a fun outing with the same friends and the kids look forward to it every year!

Our gang xmas





Last year’s tree was a monster and took up half the living room…


And this year … Let’s just say it’s a bit sparse and on the skinny side… With huge gaps in it!  Did I really really pick out this tree?  Yep, looks like I did!

Maybe there is still hope.. Our tree looks a lot like Miss Mustard Seed’s and her’s came out gorgeous, of course!


Miss Mustard Seed

Why is it so hard to pick the right size tree when it’s growing out of the ground??

Off to decorate!  Hope to have some photos to share with you in a couple of days!