If you are anything like me you like a lot of different styles and one minute you are all about Modern and then you see a beautifully decorated room full on Vintage loveliness and you realize that’s more you!  For years, I preferred vintage and old but most recently have been gravitating more toward modern, but not when it comes to my art!

Vintage Art Wall

Vintage Art Wall

I’ve been collection art prints from the 1920’s for years now..   I’ve spent many weekends at various flea markets and estate sales collecting them, some for very little and others paying upwards of $50 or more.. But in recent years, they’ve mostly been stuffed in closets or the attic.. I thought it was time for them to be appreciated again and yesterday I found myself with some free time and hung them up.

You might recognize Atkinson Fox prints and  Wallace Nutting hand colored photographs.. I just love the colors and their whimsical quality. But what actually inspired me to create this wall was that beautiful oil portrait of the lady in her pink gown and she is not old! I knew she would be the perfect complement to my prints!

I picked her as well as the Roses painting up at a local art show that my husband participated in.. She is the work of Roseanne Cerbo who is from Tuxedo NY. Isn’t she a beauty? She came unframed so I ran to AC Moore and picked up an 18×24 cheap gold wood frame (removed the glass) and added a little Rub N Buff to make it look older like the other frames.. She fit in perfectly wouldn’t you say?


The mantle also got a little mini makeover. I removed my modern white round mirror from over the fireplace and just leaned my very large Wallace Nutting” Garden Of Dreams” piece up there and I have to say I’m loving it!  For those of you that are not familiar with Wallace Nutting, it’s impossible to find any of his work this large!  This one was scored at an estate sale years ago for $125 which believe me is  a steal!



I added some Hydrangeas from the garden to my vintage white pottery and I love the way they pick up the colors in the print.





And that’s one project down!  I’ve had such a busy work schedule I haven’t done a thing in my own house so this felt good!

I don’t recommend adding a wall like this if you are planning on selling soon (less is more) but if you are staying put this is a great way to add personality to those boring walls! I’d love to know what you think of it!

Till next time