Hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day.  Can you believe it’s September!

We started off the weekend by moving in our oldest daughter into her NYC college dorm room.. I’ve been dreading this all Summer and although she’s not that far away, I’m feeling her absence big time and it’s only been 2 days! I’m glad I managed to get this photo of her sitting on her cute Urban Outfitters Duvet! 


Saturday night was spent enjoying Sangria with friends at a favorite outdoor spot and the rest of the weekend was full of flea market and thrift store shopping… These are some of the things that made it home with me…

Thrift Store Art Before

Thrift Store Art Before

Pretty isn’t she? The sticker said $3.69 but it was 50% off so I couldn’t resist!

I pulled the print out and tried my hand at some simple DIY Scribble Art and voila…


I had another thrift store gold frame so I created another in a vivid blue. I used watercolors for this on heavy stock paper and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. The pretty solid brass bowl was also a thrift store find…

DIY Scribble Art

DIY Scribble Art

I guess one thrifting day was still not enough because we also spent a couple of hours at the Rutherford Street Fair this morning where I picked up this turquoise vintage tray that will going on my dresser to hold jewelry.. It cost me a whopping $8!


And that’s our weekend!

Tomorrow, my husband who is a teacher heads back to the work and the kids start the next day. Crazy! Time is going by too fast!!

We’re ending the day with a glass of red wine and some pasta tossed with our homegrown Jersey Tomatoes!

Oven Roasted Jersey Tomatoes

Oven Roasted Jersey Tomatoes

What did you do this holiday weekend?