Last week my husband and I took a trip to our local Habitat For Humanity Restore to look for a possible bathroom vanity for the kids bathroom. No luck, even though they had quite a few, just not the size we needed.

This particular store has only been open for a year so this is only my second time there but that might have to change!   I recently started following them on Facebook  and they post pictures every week of their new inventory… Like this new blue tufted chair with an ottoman just waiting to be scooped up by someone!

Paterson restore

I don’t get it? Did someone buy it and change their mind, because this chair does not look like it was ever sat on!

I also love these French Country chairs that would only need a coat of paint and they would be good to go!  I don’t mind the fabric (would paint the chair a glossy white) but if you do, you can either upholster them or possibly paint the fabric like Kristy & Dana did here and here.

What? You didn’t know you could paint fabric? Well, you can so check out their posts if you want to know more..

Paterson Restore chairs

Now we all know how expensive it is to furnish a bedroom… Thrift stores should be your first stop if you’re in the market for one..

I wish I had a client right now that need a bedroom set because this one is a beauty! I love the clean modern lines and could see it painted in a dark navy blue! Not sure why only a part of the detail on the bed looks silver… Maybe someone started a project and never finished? Hmmm, imagine that?

Bedroom Set

Or maybe on second thought, you might even want to leave them as is.. I found these 2 nightstands on Ebay for $649!! And they want $143 for the shipping! Ouch!

Is it me or are they almost exactly the same?



How about this Ethan Allen beige nailhead sofa?

Ethan allen

It looks to be in decent shape… I’d get rid of the old pillows and add some colorful ones like this picture here and you’d have yourself a new sofa no one would know came from a thrift store!



Twenty fours years ago when I got married we bought nearly everything new and now I think back and think, I should of done that differently…  My feeling is, if you’re prepared to spend the money on something new why not look in thrift stores first and see what you can find?  If you’re a local reader, you should really stop in to the  Paterson Restore .

Do you have a local Habitat Restore in your neck of the woods?

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