Good morning ~

I can hardly believe we’re at end of July already! The weather here in the northeast has been so hot and humid, I’m moving at a snail’s pace but this week is looking better…

I know I promised you all a post about the trends in Atlanta but since I’ve been back, I’ve barely kept my head above water with all the appointments and projects going on. I’m currently working on 2 model units which will be photographed the first week of August so I’ve been shopping up a storm and can actually say I’m sick of HomeGoods!

Anyway, back to the Atlanta Market… I was drooling the entire time but I was especially blown away by the lighting and couldn’t take enough photos (even though some of the showrooms frown upon this) and wanted to at least share these with you. 








Oversized lighting was everywhere and any one of these would make a huge statement in a room don’t you think?

In my next post I’ll share some of the color trends.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and as always it means so much to me that you came by!

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