For those of you are are regulars here, you know what an Ikea junkie I am and hopefully if you’ve never considered shopping there before, I’ve convinced you! I have so many favorites and it’s my go to place when working with a client on a tiny budget!

I recently recommended the Ikea Docksta table to a young couple just starting out who needed a table for their small dining area.  At only $199, the price is right!

Of course there is no comparison in quality and the real deal looks better but for those of us who can’t afford a real Saarinen table, Ikea Docksta comes to the rescue!  Another affordable option  is the LexMod Saarinen style tulip table from Amazon that retails somewhere between $500-$1000 depending on the size. This version has an aluminum base and scratch resistant laminate top which makes it more durable.

slide-1-638My clients were hesitant about using such a modern piece of furniture in their dining space until I showed them some of these inspiration photos. What I love about the Tulip table is that it can go in any space. Great for small dining dining rooms and it works in modern spaces as well as in transitional settings.  Depending on the chairs you choose to put with it, the look can vary greatly.  Let’s take a look shall we?

This example is one of my favorites! I love these brown suede (or is it velvet?) chairs used here!

Ikea Love

Ikea Love

 Ikea Love

Ikea Love

Last time I spoke with them, they were seriously thinking about getting it, so I’ll have to wait and see what they decide.

What do you think of this iconic style table and would you use it in your own home?

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