I know, I know… Where have I been? Is it really May?

This past month has been one of the busiest for me in my  business and I’m not complaining but man, where did April go?

I currently have 5 staged homes that have sold and need to be dismantled and a solid book of appointments for this coming week and one is a full staging for a high end townhouse.  As if that wasn’t enough, I have a daughter that is a senior in high school and one that is a junior (and just had a birthday) so proms, formals, college stuff, choir trips, etc.. Oh yes, a son who is in 8th grade and is also graduating… I can’t forget him!

Here’s a few shots from last week’s Junior Formal.

Makeup by Bobby Brown Studio in Montclair.




Formal 1



They all look so adorable and grownup!  All good stuff but leaves me not time to blog… Hopefully that will change soon and I hopefully you guys will stick around and not forget about me:)

There is so much inspiration going on and great spring projects and I can’t wait to tackle some of my own.

I’ve saved these images to Ideas For My House Pinterest board  and I’m hoping to get some time to work on the yard and a patio a bit soon. We have a side yard that is really wasted space and I would like to do something a little more interesting than just grass so I saved this picture to my board.


 I’ve also been hankering for a water feature of some sort and really like the simplicity of something like this.


 Do you have any special outdoor projects planned for this Spring?

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