Today’s post has nothing to do with design but cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! At this point, some of you may want to move on:)  I understand… 

I had read somewhere about LA’s Totally Awesome all purpose cleaner and how you could purchase it at the Dollar Tree but I was skeptical!  

I finally got some free time and spent a couple of hours cleaning the cabinets in my kitchen. I love my white cabinets but truth be told, they can get dirty! Especially over the stove!  First I tied, baking soda, then vinegar and they looked cleaner but still greasy. This is what finally made me try LA’s Totally Awesome.

 After spraying it on, I let it sit a minute and just wiped and could see the grease coming right off with no damage to my white cabinets. I also tried it on the stove top and it came out really clean as well.

You can buy the concentrated version and add water and depending on what you are cleaning the ratio changes. It’s also great for getting rid of stubborn stains from any washable surface such as sharpie and pens marks off the wall. 

I noticed right away that there is also very little smell and according to their site, no acid, ammonia or bleach.  

More importantly the company has a policy against animal testing and the ingredients are non-toxic, quoting their web site

“Environmentally sound……..
We believe from the bottom of our heart in recycling and all our packaging is made from recycled material or could be recycled. We believe in using ingredients in their purest natural form thereby giving more importance to the product itself. Our laboratory is against testing our products on animals. No animal parts are used in the manufacturing of our products. We respect every living being that makes home on the planet earth.“

 Have any of you ever tried this stuff?  If you Google it, you will see a lot of glowing recommendations like this one.


I’m not one of those people that get excited about cleaning products but I’m thinking I might want to run out and buy like 2 cases of this stuff! And just for the record, I am not getting compensated for this post.

I’ll be back soon with the pretty posts but for now, happy cleaning!

Las totally awesome



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