It never fails, but I finally get a good chunk of free time and the weather does not cooperate!  With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, I would like to get some work done in our patio and yard.

On the to do list…

Add more boxwood to planters surrounding the patio.

Patio 1

Add a water feature to the yard, preferably solar powered. I would love to find these!


And replace some of our outdoor furniture with something a little more weather resistant.We leave it outside in the winter since there is little room in our shed or garage so it really takes a beating as you can see here. We already sanded it and added some stain last year but the chairs are now a little wobbly as well so I’d like to replace them. 

PicMonkey Patio Collage

We purchased these chairs yesterday at Ikea and hope to be able to use them with our current table but I’m not sure how they will look. If it stops raining later today, I’ll put them out there and see.

Ikea Falster Stackable Chair

Ikea Falster Stackable Chair

I have a feeling we might have to go back for the table as well…  The only problem is there’s not a hole for the umbrella and in the afternoon we get full sun!

This is the entire set witch retails for $395.

Ikea outdoor set

Falster Outdoor Set

Outdoor furniture can be so expensive but Ikea has some great choices in that lower priced range.

And it even comes in gray which I love and although it does not go with the rest of what we have out there, I absolutely love it! Maybe I want this instead of the brown.. 

Ikea gray 


I’ll let you know what I decide next week. Have you started getting your outdoor spaces ready for this coming weekend? 


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