As a NJ Home Stager, I’m often digging through attics and closets to use what the client already owns in order to save them money.  I’m always astonished to see great artwork just stuffed in a closet because the client was not sure where to hang it.

Even with all the information available, I guess there’s still a lot of confusion on how to hang artwork and family photographs. I’ve noticed people tend to spread out pieces evenly around the room instead of grouping them together.  By hanging these same pieces in groups, you instantly give the room some drama!

Here are a few simple tips to follow…

If You Have A Large Space:

Consider using a tightly grouped even number of pieces. This works great to balance out a large space or a high wall.

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For Small Spaces:

A tightly grouped even number of pieces is best.

Laura Casey Interiors

Laura Casey Interiors

 Hang It High & Low:

This type of arrangement is very popular right now, especially in hallways and foyers and visually expands a space by drawing the eye upward.



 Hanging Pieces Horizontally Is Great For A Sofa Or Hallway Wall :

Hanging art horizontally allows you to achieve some volume without appearing crowded. For this scenario, an odd number of pieces is more attractive to the eye and is visually balanced; a normal spacing of 4-6” is recommended.



 Multiples and the Vertical Line:

When you are grouping four or more pieces, one above the other, you should consider a vertical line, meaning that the art should be visually balanced on both sides of an imaginary vertical line. Too much ‘weight’ on one side or the other can make the group seem awkward and unbalanced. Again in this scenario, it is a good idea to make sure the art is similar either in color scheme, frame style, or subject matter.


How to Hang Wall Art

 Asymmetrical Placement:

This is a great solution when you have a group of prints that aren’t necessarily the same but share at least one similar element, such as subject matter or color scheme. You can asymmetrically arrange the pieces so that they still achieve a nice ‘organic’ balance.

If you have two larger pieces, try staggering them by hanging one lower than the other, so that top and bottom don’t match.

Grouping larger and smaller pieces helps to create interest and energy. The same is true for vertical and horizontal pieces in the same grouping.

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My favorite right now is the high and low arrangement and one I’m thinking about for my bedroom on either side of my dresser.

How about you? Have you noticed hanging art in multiples is everywhere and what do you think of it?

Glad you could stop by, till next time my friends!



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