As a New Jersey Decorator who specializes in Home Staging, I see a lot of “Boob” lights…

House flippers love these!  And when a seller is looking to update their overhead lighting, this is what they go for… 


Home Depot Brushed Nickel Flushmount

Home Depot Brushed Nickel Flush mount


Home Depot Oil Rubbed Bronze

Their choice is based on the fact that it’s inexpensive, works in any room and buyers will want to choose something more to their liking…

They might want to change it out but chances are, it will stay up…for like 7 years!!  You stop looking at it and after awhile, you don’t see it anymore! And that light fixture you HATED when you moved in is still up in your office, 7 years later! 

I have to confess… I’m talking about me!  Yes, my office still has the same white Boob light when we moved in 2005! 

PM BoobLightCollage

But that all changes this weekend! I am on a mission to replace it once and for all and spend less than $75!  Below are some possible choices that caught my eye…

Home Depot Progress Lighting

Home Depot Progress Lighting


Lowes Livex Lighting

Lowes Livex Lighting



Allen & Roth Semi Flush Mount

Allen & Roth Semi Flush Mount


Thoughts? Which one do you like best?

Why does it take us so long to change out the simplest of things?  Are you still living with a light fixture you hate? 




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