Slipcover Source For Ikea Furniture

I’m a huge Ikea fan and I’m lucky that here in Northern NJ I have 2 Ikea’s within half hour of my home.
This past week I worked on a couple of design boards for clients who already owned the Tullsta chairs. 

This chair in white retails for $129! Perfect for those clients on a tight budget. 
I used 2 of these, along with the Ektorp sofa in this model redesign last year. The budget was small so they were the perfect choice.

Ikea Tullsta
One client I’m working with purchased the navy blue chair above and paired it with her gray sofa.. Although not horrible, it was not the color scheme she was really going for.
The chair only comes in 5 colors and besides the black and white, the others are a bit bright.
I recommended she purchase slipcovers for her Tullsta chairs from Bemz and she was surprised you can get slipcovers from somewhere other than Ikea.  Well, you sure can!
And there are a ton of choices to pick from so, I thought I’d share this awesome source for all you Ikea lovers!
Let’s take a look at the Tullsta chair in some other fabrics, shall we?
I recommended she go with something more in this color family.
Bemz Mineral Blue
Bemz Silver Grey

Bemz Light Grey Prallini Cotton
The prices start at $129 and go up from there, depending on what fabric you choose and if you want the regular fit or for a dressier look, with piping.
Check out there other fabrics here. You have over 180 fabric choices and you can order up to 5 free samples!

I know there are also a lot of Ektorp sofas out there, I wrote a post while back about it being one of my favorite Ikea pieces, but after awhile, the slipcovers could use replacing.
Here it is in Toronto Ticking Panama Cotton.
Bemz Khaki Beige
Bemz Zinc Grey

Or if you prefer more of a country, loose slipcover look, you can choose a more expensive fabric like Rosendal Linen.

Bemz Unbleached Linen
They also carry pillows covers and bedding… You’ll need to check out their site, there is so much inspiration there.

This is their Stockholm store.

You can read all about how they got started here.

Did you already know about Bemz?  
If not and you are in the market for new slipcovers, I hope this post got you excited about the possibilities! 
Luci ~


  1. says

    You know Shauna, I actually have not but have clients who have and it’s easy. You choose the furniture item you have, then chose the fabric and then you order it.. Pretty quick turnaround too. You can also choose up to 5 samples of fabric for free, which is key..
    You know, I forget about it and then the need comes up and I get excited all over again by what a great source they are..

  2. says

    I’m always on the look out for these type of companies (that give alternatives for IKEA upholstery), so thanks for sharing! PS, I’m wondering where you are located? I am about a mile away from the IKEA in Paramus.

  3. says

    No way! Really? I knew you were near me but didn’t know where.
    I’m in Nutley (small town) and we are located next to Bloomfield & Montclair. Exit 153 off the Garden State Parkway. And you?

  4. says

    Ah the wonders of Ikea! Our closest Ikea is only a few miles away but the traffic getting there is so heavy that I have only visited once or twice! It’s fantastic to hear you can get slip covers from another company (I had no idea!) – I have fallen in love with the loose look linen cover (it had to be the most expensive too)!

  5. says

    I love that they offer a loose fitting choice and the white Linen is gorgeous but a whopping $600, which considering you can buy the basic Ektorp sofa for $400.. Still not bad..
    Thanks for the visit Meghan!

  6. says

    Great choices for the Tullsta Luci! Hope that you get the chance to come visit our store in Stockholm some day, do let us know if you ever pass by Stockholm.


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