As a Northern NJ Home Stager, I am always making suggestions to my clients on how to decorate around their flat screen TV or sometimes even hide it.  Yes, I am still a fan of the armoire (as long as it’s a nice one) and have one in my own home. I purchased this from Broyhill a few ago and we still keep our TV in it.

With most people hanging their televisions on the wall, you can usually pick these up inexpensively, like we did here for one of my decorating clients.. We found this beauty on Craigslist exactly the way you see it here (no painting required) for $180! It turned out to be bigger in the room than we thought but she loved it and we made it work.

And you’re not only limited to buying used, manufacturers are still making them, like this one from Pottery Barn, which looks like an antique.

Pottery Barn Mason Media Armoire

But what can you do if you’re not into the armoire thing, and you’d like to mount your television on the wall without it looking too tech-y?

Consider adding a frame to it to make it blend in. This one is the Pottery Barn Chadwick television frame that runs anywhere from $400-$500 (Ouch!) or better yet, you can make your own like this one here.

Pottery Barn Chadwick

Besides the frame, you can hang artwork around it…


Or surround it with black frames..

Or recess it on a bookshelf..

Apartment Therapy

Or for a really dramatic look, paint the wall it’s on black or a very dark color… It almost disappears this way.

What other ways do you have of disguising your television or do you like the look of it mounted on the wall?
~ Luci ~

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