Good morning ~ 
I cannot believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! I’m sure you are all running around doing this and that getting ready for the big day…

I have a long work day today but wanted to share some pics of our tree and the “tweaked” mantle.  I decided to switch out the mirror for my antique frame which I posted about here and I like it much better.
Our weather here last week was miserable and rainy but we managed to get out and cut down our tree. We were a large group of friends this year and it was a lot of fun and something my kiddos look forward to every year, even though they are now all teenagers. 
It’s a little bigger than I wanted and we had to cut a few inches off the top but overall we’re happy with the way it turned out this year. 

My girls helped me make the dress pattern tissue flowers and we added them on the tree. I was a little nervous about adding paper to the tree but apparently it’s fine since the lights don’t heat up at all.
I know my tree is all colorful and does not really tie in with the silver and gold mantle but a lot of the ornaments on the tree are vintage and I wanted to use them. They have been picked up at estate sales throughout the years and my all time favorite is this ballerina glass ornament. 
It is so delicate and I make sure this one gets wrapped really carefully. 

Did you notice some of the mantle pictures have a mirror and some are of my antique frame? 
Hopefully I will get around to taking some more photos of the rest of the house but my main focus now is to finish my shopping. How about you? Are you done decorating, shopping, baking and wrapping? If you are, good for you and can I say I’m a little jealous?
As always, thanks for the visit and have a great day everyone!