Hi there ~
Not much time this morning for a long post since I have a busy work day today and then dinner with some girlfriends… But I just wanted to share some quick photos of my now completed mantle.
My living room is really large and we have it broken up into 2 spaces. The fireplace area is our living room and the other side is the family room where we watch TV and all hang out. 
This area is the more formal side where we can sit by the fire and read or just be away from the television.

I see such gorgeous photography all over blogland and I’m ashamed of my pictures:) 
One of these days I will take actual photos with a camera and not my iPhone. This is something I seriously have to work on! 
The rest of the house needs to be decorated so I hope to shoot actual photos when I’m done with that.. 
Gotta run…Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!