Hello dear readers ~

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted and finally last night after 4 days without power, heat or hot water it’s back on and I’m so thankful! So many are still suffering and the temperatures are really dropping and I hope things improve over the weekend.

As most of you know New Jersey was slammed head on with the “Frankenstorm” of the century and 5 days later, a good chunk of the state is still without power. One of the worst hit areas was the Jersey Shore which holds such great memories for so many of us and the pictures are just devastating! 
For those of you who are not from this area, you may not be familiar with the real”Jersey Shore” so I thought in my post today we’d take a tour of the beach towns that are such a part of our culture here in NJ.
Bay Head… Known for it’s beautiful beaches and old “Shingle Style” homes that have been there for years.
Homes And Land

Spring Lake…
Ocean Grove… Which has the highest concentration of Victorian architecture in the country as well as a charming Main Street.
The famous “Tent City” where families have been renting for generations and currently has a 10 year waiting list.
Asbury Park… Famous for The Stone Pony and of course Bruce Springsteen.
And the historic Seaside Heights boardwalk, where so many of us spent our childhood summers as well as weekends after the senior prom…
 A huge chunk of the pier was ripped off and the famous roller coaster is now in the Atlantic Ocean…
The landscape had been altered forever but efforts are already underway to rebuild…  This is the real “Jersey Shore” and I’m glad I got to share it with you.

I’m happy to be getting back to normal and my heart goes out to those still suffering from the aftermath of Sandy.

Home is where we feel safe and memories are made and I am so grateful that the only inconvenience I faced was a power outage.

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with a more uplifting post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I for one will be cleaning and vacuuming and getting my house back to normal…