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Here in New Jersey we still have people without power after Hurricane Sandy 16 days ago! Can you imagine going that long without heat and electricity, cable and internet? But things are slowly getting back to normal… Today was the first day we could get gas without the even and odd number system. I pulled up to the pump with only 5 miles to go before empty. Uh-hum.. That’s me! I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year and with December being only 2 weeks away, it’s time to start making a dent on that very long To Do list!
I’m not one of those people that are super organized and do things weeks in advance but I really want to be. Especially after reading Shauna’s Holiday Countdown series. If you are not familiar with it go over right now and join in. 
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So I took her advice and checked off 1 thing on my list… The dreaded holiday card photo. You know how that is… I have 3 teenagers now so you would think it would be easier but now they have opinions… A lot of them! We usually get a great one during our beach vacation but not this year so I’m happy to say I got a good one this weekend.

The second thing on my list is to clean up the yard and flower boxes (nope, haven’t done that yet) and string up the lights before it gets any colder. I’ve been busy with my staging and decorating business this past week and everything has been on hold. We usually do a grab bag with both sides of the family and we choose names on Thanksgiving so the shopping will start then.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest getting ideas for my table setting and decor as well as wrapping ideas.

These were some shots from my mantle last year (before blogging) and taken with my iPhone and even though I really liked it, I would like to do something different this year.

These 2 caught my eye and were added to my Pinterest Christmas Decorating Ideas board.

Frosty Mantle… I have lots of white glitter houses and Mercury Glass so maybe I’ll do something like this. Or maybe not… too much inspiration out there!


And I know it’s not very Christmas-y but I absolutely adore this fabulous Chevron tablecloth! I have to find where to buy this because it would be perfect for my round dining table.

Jill Sharp Brison
Tell me I’m not alone… Are you thinking of Christmas already or are you more like me and procrastinate? 
Have a productive day everyone and thanks for stopping by!