Just popping in for a quick post today since I have a big staging job this morning and as usual, I’m running a little late. 
Last week while I was at Ikea (yes, I know, I go a lot) I was finally able to score the Lappljung Ruta rug I’ve had my eye on. This modern Navajo pattern really packs a punch and I was so excited to scoop one up.
This rug sells for $69 and is a really generous size (6×7) and it’s one of their most popular items so needless to say, it’s hardly ever in stock.

Ikea Lappljung Ruta

Not sure if I’m going to keep it for my staging inventory or use it in my teenage son’s room which needs a makeover badly.


They also have pillows in the same pattern which I did not pick up but might have to go back for.

What do you think? Do you like it?
I really have a little bit of an obsession with geometric rugs lately so I had to share my newest love!
Well, I gotta get a move on, will share photos of the apartment I’m staging as soon as I get them.
Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping in!