Good morning ~
Anyone excited it’s Friday? My to do list for this weekend is insanely long but I vow to make a dent! It’s only a week till Thanksgiving and you know what comes after that!
I have a couple of client appointments scheduled for this morning and I’m really excited about the first one since it’s a holiday window display so this is a quick post.
But I just wanted to share these awesome drapes I found at Urban Outfitters starting at $24 a panel! 
So many great ones but I chose 3 favorites. 

Herringbone Curtain
Plum & Bow
Apartment Therapy
Drapery can really change the look and feel of a room! 
So, which one is your favorite? Mine is the Plum and Bow.. I just need a place for them! 
I know it’s hard to find drapery that is inexpensive and fun for under $40 a panel but they have a lot to choose from so check it out. 
Have a fun and productive weekend everyone and as always thanks for stopping by! If you need any help with your home take a look at our affordable online services.
Happy Friday!