Good Morning ~
Just wanted to share a quick little project I completed yesterday. It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a glue gun and this was fun and easy..
I picked up this wreath at HomeGoods yesterday that was the exact color I was looking for… except it was a little wimpy… I knew I would have to do something to it but bought it anyway.
I paid $24.99 for it at HomeGoods and didn’t want to spend too much adding to it so I decided to use one of the gold leaf garlands I purchased at Michael’s last week. I happened to be there on a Saturday night and they had their “Midnight Madness” sale and they were 70% off.

This is what the garland looked like and I paid $7 for it.  Come on, who would pay $22 bucks for this?
I cut it up into smaller pieces that would be easy to glue on the wreath.
And I just glued them in wherever I thought it looked a little bare.

This was the wreath after the all the leaves were in.. Much better already!

I hung it up on my front door and it was okay but it still needed a little something… The big gold leaves looked a little like ears to me!

So I added some blue leaf garland I purchased for the mantle and cut that in smaller pieces and filled it in some more and Voila! 

I was too lazy to pull out the camera so these pictures were taken with my iPhone.  I plan on adding fresh garlands around the door and I will add some of the same blue, green and gold that is in the wreath. Hope to get that done this weekend…
How about you? How is your decorating coming along? I typically don’t do much holiday decorating before December first but since I started blogging I feel like I have to get it done sooner! Anybody else feel like that?
Have a great day everybody and Happy Decorating!