Hello everyone ~

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  I managed to actually get a few things done in my own house which I’m thrilled about and I’d like to share them with you.

For starters, I finally got that Fiddle Leaf Fig tree I’ve been wanting. I found it at Ikea of all places and it was only $12.98!

Painted 2 of my interior french doors black. This is the kitchen door that leads to the patio.

 Put down new rugs in the living room… I replaced and old Sisal rug with this bold beauty!

 And I even did a little Fall decorating… I’m loving these gourds and pumpkins we picked up at the farmer’s market in town.

Brought in some of our Hydrangeas from the garden…

And spent most of the afternoon yesterday stenciling poster board to add to my china closet.

All in all, it was a productive weekend. Lots of staging and decorating appointments this week so I’m glad I was able to get this done.

I have to admit, this time of year makes me want to fluff up the nest. Are you working on anything in your home right now?

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