I know by now, most of you have probably already tried this amazing product but it’s new to me.  This weekend I finally got a chance to try Rub ‘n Buff… and I couldn’t stop myself from putting it on everything.

I picked up the Antique Gold at Michael’s but I was not aware that it came in so many other colors.  At your local craft store, you will usually only find a couple of the most popular finishes but I found this site that has every color.
All over blogland there seems to be an explosion of metallic finishes, on everything from furniture to jewelry.
This is the photo inspiration that started it all for me.

Ana Antunes
This the now famous Vittsjo Ikea Shelf which comes in black and Ana painted a soft gold. Gorgeous!
I didn’t want to attack a piece of furniture yet so I took a trip to the dollar store to see what I could pick up.  In the Halloween section, I found this little guy and thought he could use some “Glamming” up.

I liked it so much I picked up a friend for him…
Then while my fingers were all stained gold, I attacked my $5 Antique frame that is in my dining room.

I love the way it turned out!
Then, I went after my Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware…

At this point my family was shaking their head and running away from me:)

And the last thing that got the gold treatment were my Ginger Jar lamps that I spotted at a garage sale for $10.  The bottom was already brass (but not a good brass) so the antique gold was perfect for it, since it just toned it down a bit… Originally I was going to paint them yellow (and I still might) but for now, I’m happy with them the way they are.

Just need some shades now and I’m either going to use them in my own home or maybe add them to my Staging inventory.
So there you have it… I’m officially obsessed!
Have you used this amazing product yet?