Good morning friends ~

It’s early Monday morning here in on the east coast and we are all home from work and school waiting for hurricane Sandy. We expected the storm to start late last night but now it looks like it’s taking it’s sweet time getting here. Not that I’m in a big hurry but this waiting is killing me!

Seems almost silly to write a post about decorating when so many will be without power for days and flooded out of their homes… And once again Halloween will no doubt be “Rescheduled”until Friday.
This happened last year with Hurricane Irene and I never thought I’d be experiencing the same thing this year! The kids are disappointed but safety needs to come first and the weather for Friday is looking good. But first we have to get through this huge storm! Winds have picked up considerably in the past hour but still no rain… But it’s coming!

So for now (while the power is still on) I plan on catching up on some reading (in my favorite spot) maybe clean my closet (probably not) and even craft a little… Anything to keep my mind on what’s coming!

Kelly Deck Design

Till next time dear readers and as always, I’m so glad you could stop by!

Hope everyone stays safe and dry and I’ll be back as soon as this monster storm is out of here and our power is restored.