When I have some free time I love to look at the work designers are doing and especially designers most of us are not familiar with.

Today I want to share the work of Ana Antunes who is a Portuguese designer who also owns her own store in Lisbon. My family comes from Portugal and next time I go back, I will make the time to go and check it out. Let’s go in, shall we?

Querido is a feast for the eyes!

Loja Querido

Come on in… Don’t you love the Chevron skirts on the associates?

There are pillows and more pillows in every color and everything is coordinated by color.

So pretty and so much to look at… Oh goodness, I could spend a ton of money in this store!

Now, let’s take a look at her office. Not too shabby!

And her workroom.

I could certainly work in here! Now let’s take a peek at her home…

Well, what did you think?  Do you love all the Pastel goodness or is it really not your style?

Till next time!