It’s a beautiful fall morning here in Northern NJ and I find myself with a free Sunday without kids sports or parties, etc.  I am hoping to use today to finally get some things done in my house… Just small changes but it’s long overdue.
I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying about the Cobblers children going without shoes…

First on the agenda, add new rug to living room.

The old Sisal on the floor now, has seen better days and I’m craving a little pizazz, you know?

I’m loving all the bold rugs I see out there and I’m having a little trouble deciding which one to go with but I finally committed and picked up the Stockholm rug at Ikea.

Ikea Stockholm

These photos might of had something to do with it…


Tommy Smythe

This charcoal sectional which is similar to mine made me realize I need to do something fun like this but even though I love Zebra, I think I might stick with stripes.


Hope you all have a great productive Sunday… I still need to do a little Fall decorating and finish painting the black doors I started a couple of weeks ago…  Things take a long time to get done around here.

Happy Fall and till next time!