Hanging plates on a wall is a time honored method of decorating. Some people consider them grandma-ish but it’s obvious by these photos, it’s anything but that! Check out Apartment Therapy’s post.

The most common place people think of adding a plate wall is of course in a kitchen or dining room.

Casa Sugar


While you can hang plates evenly spaced on a wall, you make more of a statement if you hang them in an unique way. In the examples below, there is no need to measure, just make sure you select a couple of different sizes for interest.

In an entry hall…


I particularly love this over the mantle arrangement!


In the living room…


Put a bird on it…

Above a shelf…


Here is an arrangement over a bed. I love the look of using only one color plate and these are plentiful at thrift stores for less than a couple of bucks each.


More white plates. How is this for the Wow factor? This must of taken forever to hang!

Villeroy Hotel Santa Monica

Now on to the hanging part.

I like to use these to hang up my plates since I’m not a fan of traditional plate hangers. You can buy these at AC Moore and Michael’s but this can get pricey if you have a large arrangement. Prices range from $2.49 for the small one to $4.99 for the largest.

You can also hang the smaller plates this way which will cost you next to nothing. I added some felt I had laying around and a drop off hot glue and just used a paper clip. So far so good but I wouldn’t want to hang heavy plates this way.

And I used these wire nails from Home Depot. They make the tiniest little hole so if you need to move some of them around, you’ll barely notice the hole.

And here is an iPhone photo sneak peek of my plate wall. Some of these were from the thrift store, others I already had and the rest came from TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  The most expensive plate (the large one) cost me $3.50.

I don’t want it to be symmetrical or grandma-ish so I think I might make it over the top. What do you think? Should I just keep going over the arch? That’s what I’m thinking of doing… Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for the reveal… The phone started ringing again and I have a couple of staging & decorating projects coming up but I hope to have it done in a couple of days.