Hello friends ~

Whew! School is back in session and maybe, just maybe, I can get stuff done around this house!  My to do list is growing… 
The days are getting shorter and darker already and I for one am craving color!
A couple of days ago, I focused on yellow and today it’s all about green; nature’s neutral. 
This year we are seeing a lot of Emerald Green in fashion…

 As well as design…
Tobi Fairley
Vibrant green is not for the faint of heart. It is a bold color that can stand up to strong prints and graphic patterns.

This is a color that most people do not feel comfortable using in interiors but I love the look. If you are wondering how much of this vivid hue to use, let’s follow the rule of 3!
When you pick a color, use it at least 3 times in a room. Here in this photos you see it on the chairs, the lamps and the throw pillows.

Here different shades of green used in a kitchen which is by no means “Builder Beige” or cookie cutter.

In a vintage white bathroom Apple green is used with pink.
If using this much color is too much for you, consider one big burst of green, like in a vibrant rug.

Or only only as an accent on pillows, baskets, etc…

I really like the Yellow/Green used in this neutral room. It’s not a combination you see often but it works!
Accent On Design

Tell me, are you a green person? Is this more of a Spring color for you? Or are you mourning the end of Summer (like I am) and cannot embrace the dark warm colors of the season?
Enjoy the weekend everyone!