A few years ago when yellow walls were really popular, I embraced the trend and painted nearly all my rooms in yellow. Since then, I’ve gotten away from using yellow and using more blues, greens and grays… But then something happened… And I found I really missed yellow in my home! 
So slowly, yellow is making it’s way back into my home in small doses. 

I purchased some throw pillows.

And a lamp 
And I really want this rug from Ikea…
and this garden stool, which was on clearance for $30 at HomeGoods and I didn’t pick it up and so regret it!! Don’t you hate when you do that? They run as high as $100 in the Ballard’s catalog.
And these are the photos that started it all.

Danielle Sigwalt



There is something so fresh about this color and for less than $100, you can add it to your space.
 One way is to paint the inside of your bookcases. When you get tired of it, you can just paint it again!
Pick up Ikea’s Viitsjo shelves (all 3 will run you $150) and get out the Rustoleum yellow spray paint and you can get the almost exact look.
You can also paint some inexpensive Craigslist chairs

and maybe, just maybe, paint your front door? 
Gosh, what would the neighbors say??
Is yellow a color you would use in your home? If yes, I’d love to know what & where.
Have a great day everyone!