This was a busy week for me as a Home Stager here in North Jersey. The market really seems to be picking up and the phone keeps ringing.  I consulted on 4 properties getting ready to go on the market and I was happy to see, most of the changes would be easy to change out.

With everyone watching HGTV and Staging becoming more mainstream, most sellers know that bright wall colors and paneling need to be painted and hardwoods floors should be exposed, etc.. . So, I’m not going to talk about that here. But over and over I encounter some things that can easily be changed & sellers seem surprised I mention them.

They may seem like no brainers to some but you’d be surprised how I see them over and over again.

Frilly Curtains

Sellers tend to think this makes the home look cozy, but frilly curtains have to come down. They can be replaced with simple panels or blinds or even left bare…Yes, bare windows are preferable to dated curtains.

Floral Valances

Floral valances were quite the thing back in the good old 90’s but scream “Dated”. Yes, these too,  qualify as frilly.

Bathroom Rug Sets

I can’t believe they still sell these… Remove any rugs from around the toilet and certainly “on” the toilet. Even if they are new, potential buyers can’t help but feel the “Yuck” factor when they see them and if the floor is in good shape, you need to show that off.

Loud Shower Curtains

Camouflage anyone? Most shower curtains I see are not this bad but I do see a lot of loud shower curtains.  Yes, this is another easy thing to change out and adding a white Hotel Style curtain makes such a difference for less than $20!

This is a little better, no?

Fake Flowers Everywhere

Okay, so this one is a little unrealistic… What the heck??

But I do see a lot of these…

As a Stager, I do suggest adding quality silk pants to add some greenery and give the room some life… But as you’ve all heard, less is more!

Something like this would be better.


I know this room has more issues than just the border…  Sellers know wallpaper is usually a No-No but for some reason they think a “Cute” border is okay. It’s not!

Refrigerator Magnets

Please just put them away once and for all, especially when trying to sell your house!

Hope you all are getting ready for the weekend. I myself am beat and can’t wait!

Till next time. Thanks for stopping by!