One of the things I do on an everyday basis is reposition furniture for my clients. 
I’ve often seen beds jammed up against a corner since the only other place to put it is in front of the window and people think you can’t do that! Even people in my own profession still believe this old school rule.
Well I’m here to tell you, that you certainly can! Here are a couple of guidelines to make it work.
Try not to block too much of the window by keeping the headboard low.


Use top-down blinds for privacy.

Frame the bed with draperies

The Lettered Cottage
Decor Pad

Framed with Sheers this room looks so beautiful and serene. In this case, one might want to add some remote controlled shades for darkness so the drapes aren’t constantly being disturbed.

I think the only time, I would not put my bed in front of a window is if I had a first floor bedroom… 
Too many creepy thoughts would enter my head…
How about you? 
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