Good morning ~

With the kids going back to school next week, hopefully there will be a little more time around here to tackle some of my to-do list which is getting longer and longer!

I was hoping this summer that we would have a chance to paint all our interior doors upstairs but we never got to it. Some of them are chipping and look awful but there are 5 of them and it will take awhile…

Now, I’m seriously thinking of painting some of my doors in black and I’m going to start with the single French door in our living room. I’ve seen this done before and I love the drama it brings to a room. This look has been around for awhile and is nothing new but I have finally decided to do it!

DG Style Home


I do think you need to have a light wall color or it will just be too dark. My whole downstairs is a pale blue/gray so I know it will work.


Peppermint Bliss

This is a perfect example of how painting your “Big Box Store” doors can instantly make them look expensive! I know… I’m lucky my home has the original 90 year old doors (I still want to paint them) but will start downstairs first with the french doors.


This is the door that leads from my vestibule into the living room and it’s going to be the first one to get painted.

What do you think of this look? Do you like it? We’ll see if I do:)

Stay tuned…

Have a great day everyone and if you need any help decorating or staging your home, contact me.