It’s the end of the summer and I sit here wondering how it passed me by so quickly.

 With only a week left I have paint on the brain. I  really wanted to paint a couple of the kids rooms but you know, life and lots of work got in the way… The color I was thinking about was of course, gray!

Gray is a hot neutral right now and a great choice for any room. Since it is a mixture of many colors, it tends to harmonize well with other hues.

It’s varying shades, from light -dove to dark charcoal, make gray as versatile as any color.

But what about accent colors? What looks best with what? Here are some choices…

Gray With Yellow


Just a touch of yellow here is all that is needed in this soft gray bedroom.

Southern Living

Or you can add major drama by adding lots of yellow, like this! Don’t you love this barn door?

Gray With Pink


You can go with a vibrant pink for some “WOW” factor.

Or go more with a muted “Blush” for a mellow and sophisticated look.

 Cranberry And Gray


This is far from mellow but it’s a great look for those that think gray is a bit too muted.

Gray And Turquoise


I know, I know… This room is SO feminine but isn’t it just gorgeous?


I really like the light gray walls with the chairs and the subtle touches of Turquoise.

Gray And Orange


This combination is not as popular as the gray & yellow trend but it’s just as stunning don’t you agree?

Do you have any gray rooms in your house? If yes, what accent color did you decide to go with?