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I was hired a couple of months ago to re-decorate a model unit apartment in Hillsborough NJ that was dark and dated.  Upon entering it for the first time, I noticed this 70’s building had so much potential and it was evident to me, we needed to go lighter…

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living/dining room and a small kitchen. White walls which could not be painted (even though I managed to paint the baths and an accent wall), so I had to work with the white.

This is a photo of the living room before:

As far as Staging goes, it’s not horrible! But the furniture is clearly too bulky and the muted forest green and burgundy made the space feel cold & dreary and so 90’s!
I decided to give it a light, airy look with white slipcovered furniture and some Chartreuse accents.
Paul S Bartholomew Photography

The previous dining area was tiny with only a pub table and it was hard for tenants to envision entertaining or even sitting down to a meal comfortably.
Even in a small space we managed to bring in a full size table and chairs and an Ikea server. But first we needed to change out the light fixture…Pronto!
Here is another after shot of the living/dining room.
The Master bedroom is actually a great size for an apartment but the previous furniture was heavy and dark making it feel smaller than it was.

We started by painting the wall behind the bed Edgecomb Gray to soften it up and we changed out the dated scarf on the window. We chose an upholstered bed, updated the dresser and nightstands and added neutral bed linens for a more contemporary look. 

Here is another shot of the room from another angle.

The second bedroom which was showcased as an office/guest room also got a makeover.

The daybed made it seem like you could not get a full size bed in there, which you could, so that’s exactly what we did!

The kitchen just got a new light fixture and a small West Elm table & chairs.

Photo credit Paul S Bartholomew

This was fun project and a challenge to do it on a budget but I’m happy with the outcome and so are the owner’s.

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