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A fireplace is the focal point of the room, yet so many people don’t know how to highlight it. So, I decided to start a series of posts just focusing on the fireplace. Today, we will talk about what you can do to the surface if you are not happy with the way it looks.

Shall we get started?

In my Staging/Decorating business, I typically, I see a lot of dark brick fireplaces like this one. Not horrible really, but it would look so much better a little lighter. Now, if you are one of those readers who would NEVER paint natural wood or brick…You might want to stop reading now:)


You can of course simply paint it white like this.
It just looks so much brighter and up to date doesn’t it?
This one is my favorite. I love the doors and I’m not sure if it’s fabric or paint but they look great!


If you are not really a fan of painted brick, you can always just whitewash it with a mixture of water and paint which will give you a softer look like this. The advantage of whitewashing it, is it allows the texture of the brick to show through.

If you want to know more, read this tutorial here.

You can also totally change the look of your fireplace by refacing it with marble tile which gives it a more modern look.
Other materials you can use would be Slate or Travertine like this example here.


Now, let’s address the the actual mantle itself. I don’t really care for natural oak and often recommend painting it white for a timeless look.



The power of white paint always amazes me! This doesn’t even look like the same fireplace!

Did you notice the ugly brass details also got a makeover?
This high heat paint is what I use and works great!


I hope this post got you thinking about your fireplace and what you can do to pretty it up a little…

Have a great day everyone & stay tuned for our next post in the series:

Decorating The Mantle.