Welcome to the 2nd post in our fireplace series… You’re probably thinking it’s 95 degrees out and she’s talking about fireplaces.

Why not? … I figured you weren’t using it right now and what better time to tackle this than Summer? If you still have the same things up there from January when you took the holiday decorations down, this might get you inspired to do something about it.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Usually most people start with a mirror or a large piece of artwork but you’ll see from our inspiration photos that you have so many other choices.

The bold piece of artwork and the pop of color from the pottery make this a favorite of mine. 

You would think this abstract piece of art would be out of place in this traditional room but in my opinion, it makes the room!
 Here, it looks like they used 2 calendars in place of a picture. I love using different textures to create interest.  Manzanita branches can be pricey if purchased at places like Pottery Barn but I found this source where they are very reasonable.
Although it must be a pain to hang this many prints evenly, it sure does look pretty doesn’t it?
Of course you can’t go wrong using a mirror.

Via LonnyMag

Or a mirror with a combination of artwork.

A wire parasol frame was used above this mantle.  Very cool!
And wrapping up our post, this one is all about simplicity.  Who needs artwork or a mirror?
All images via BHG & Pinterest
What’s hanging over your fireplace?
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