Good morning ~

Earlier this week, I spent nearly 4 hours in one of my favorite stores shopping with a client for a model unit in one of his buildings. Yep, you guessed that right … Ikea!

For those of you who have not been there since the 90’s.. It’s time for another visit. I mean this place rocks!  I am fortunate to live near 2 Ikea’s within a half hour of my home and let’s just say I visit quite often. Their style over the years has changed a bit and I find them to be headed in a little bit more of a “Classic” direction.

Some of my favorites:

Ektorp Sofa


Bemz Linen Slipcover

This is like the best buy out there!  Classic good looks & a price of $399 with a few color choices. Plus, you have the option to buy replacement slipcovers.

Sisal Rug 

In my opinion this is the little black dress of the rug world.  Stylish & works with everything!
Ikea Sofa Table

You have a choice of 3 different baskets and it’s ideal for a family room where you need to store videos and toys.

Hemnes Dresser

For around $200, you have a great looking piece of furniture with classic good lines.

These fixtures start at $29 which is so reasonable not even the big box stores can compare.
And last but not least…
Their Swedish Pancakes are to die for!!