Some of us are lucky enough to have a entry hall or vestibule where we can drop off keys and transition slowly in our home. But many of us live in homes where a front door opens directly into our living room.

In most of these homes, there is usually a wall next to the staircase or right as you come in can be used as an entry of sorts.  The entry can set the tone for your home’s style and feel.

Each space is different and how you decorate it is up to your personal taste but keeping it simple is always a good idea.  Accessorize the space with entryway essentials like trays, umbrella stand and even a sitting bench.

How about displaying family photos?
Botanicals or other artwork?
Add a mirror?
This can help bounce light around the space making it feel bigger.
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Your entry is the first & last thing your guests see, shouldn’t it make an impression?